Kenichi Matsuyama

(English caption below) "Bọn em từ Thanh Hóa lên Hà Nội chơi mấy ngày, đi nhiều đến nỗi thuộc đường hơn cả người Hà Nội rồi. Mà Hà Nội mấy hôm nay đẹp quá.""We are from Thanh Hoa and have been here visiting Hanoi for a few days. We’ve gone around so much that now we remember the roads here even better than Hanoians. And Hanoi is so beautiful these days."

I have a dog who loves me and keeps me company. And I give her food and take care. I’m very happy. And now, when she’s had seven puppies, I’m seven times happier. I thank Saint Francis for this happiness.
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"You stand convicted of asshole-ism." - Divine, as Babs Johnson
John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, 1972